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Treat yourself with this
contact lens offer!


Receive a $50 IRIS Card when you purchase a six-month or an annual supply of contact lenses.†

† Offer valid from August 12 to December 31st, 2019. Dr. Daryan Angle, Optometrist.


Take advantage of these Alcon offers:

Alcon products available at IRIS:
-Clear Care


Do you have a valid contact lens prescription?

In order to redeem these offers, you must have a valid contact lens prescription issued less than 2 years ago.


Book your contact lens fitting appointment now


Why do I need a prescription to get contact lenses?
Since contact lenses are ocular prosthetic devices, only an optometrist can tell you if there is a contraindication for you to wear contact lenses. By examining you with specialized equipment, your eye care professional will make sure that you can safely wear contact lenses. The optometrist or optician will then help you determine the type of lenses that will suit you best according to your lifestyle, the shape of your eyes and your prescription.

Will my contact lens prescription be different from my glasses prescription?
Yes, the adjustment method is different for glasses and contact lenses. In order to adjust the contact lenses properly, it is necessary to know the measurements of each eye, which will determine the diameter and the curvature of the lenses. In addition, because the distance between the eye and the lenses of your glasses is different from the distance between your eye and your contact lens, the prescription may vary. It is therefore essential to have a contact lens fitting before buying them, especially if you are presbyopic or astigmatic.

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