When you wear prescription glasses, you are either the type of person who obsesses over the latest eyewear trends or you wear glasses purely out of necessity. Now, whether you are from column A or B, or a little of both, you definitely need to take a look at the 2018 eyewear trends.

The Nostalgic

The return of iconic shapes that were once worn by some of the most influential people from our pasts, are back. Thin metal frames, small round glasses or the classic Ray-Ban Clubmasters, make this retro minimalist look seem like a timeless classic.

Try them on for size! This trend tends to fit a wider variety of face shapes. So, whether, you have a round, oval, heart-shaped or square face, this look may just be for you.

All we are saying is give these specs a chance.

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Man wearing a glasses frame with a retro look

(Frames: Seraphin Braeburn)

Bold and Beautiful

With its bold colours, geometric shapes and oversized frames, this trend will have you looking back at the decade with the biggest hair, widest shoulder pads and most colourful leg warmers. Oh, the 80s!

All right, the 80s may influence this trend, but we are not suggesting you start teasing your hair just yet. Since fashion comes in cycles, it was just a matter of time before we saw a resurgence of thick plastic frames and large lensed glasses.

Be bold and dare to wear this look. Unless, you have a narrow face, then we do not recommend this look. We don’t want you to hide your beauty behind your glasses.

Woman wearing a brightly colored frame, with a geometric shape and an oversized frame

(Frames: Seraphin Belvedere)

Patterns, Colours and Materials, Oh My!

Quite frankly this is the most eclectic trend.

Marble patterns influenced by home decor various green hues and wooden materials inspired by nature embossed or laser perforated frames combined with the year’s hottest colours, like pink, indigo, red and purple, to perfectly match your favourite outfit.

This trend speaks to those who love their eyewear as unique as they come. Luckily, since this trend is based on fabrication rather than a particular shape, it is applied to a variety of frame shapes. Pick the one that is right for you!

Woman wearing a bezel frame with marble pattern, embossed or laser perforated frame

(Frames: Kliik 602)

Honourable Mention: Clear as Day

Transparent frames are also an important trend this year. Applied to many different styles and sometimes even combined with a vibrant color or the classic tortoise shell, these plastic frames void of colour, needed well-deserved recognition.

Man wearing a bezel frame with transparent frame

(Frames: Maui Jim Kawiwa)