It is a well-known fact that trends change every year. These changes reflect our lifestyles and our needs. While some of the trends from 2021 endure, a few new ones will change this year.   

Here are some trends to keep an eye on during the coming year! 


Emerald green

In recent months, Internet searches for emerald green decorating items have jumped by 60%. This is a sign that this rich, comforting colour is very popular right now and will most likely be a big hit in 2022.


This trend has been around since 2020 and continues to grow in popularity. Whether it's in furniture, the structure of a room or staircase, or just a few key accessories, curves add softness to a decor.


In 2022, mixing comfort with a touch of luxury is sought out in home decor, as evidenced by the velvet sofas that are seen everywhere. If you're not ready to change your couch, go with velvet cushions or a throw.

Buying second-hand

Like last year, we strive to opt for durable and timeless materials, even in our decor, always intending to consume less and consume better. Before buying new, shop for furniture and accessories on resale sites such as Kijiji or Marketplace on Facebook. 


Bright colours

Although fashion industry forecasts suggested that the trend for 2022 would be towards pastel and dark fashions, hues such as electric blue, iridescent and rainbow shades, fuchsia and even bright notes were highlighted on the catwalks.

Checkerboard patterns

The checkerboard pattern, the very essence of the 60s and 70s wardrobe, will be featured this year in the outfits worn by seasoned fashion bloggers who are certainly not short on style.

Antique-inspired style

Versace leads this trend as the fashion-house sets out to gild the catwalk designs inspired by antique fashion in its signature triumphant style. As such, the modern-day goddess look will be one of the go-to attitudes for 2022, as recent Pinterest searches are unanimous that Corinthian patterns, draping and gathers draw on ancient myths and legends to conquer our 2022 wardrobe.


Pearls look great on all the catwalks. Whether pearly, white, silver or cream, they are invading every catwalk!



As a sign of teleworking, people are drinking more coffee at home and want a quality similar to what they had when they went to the local café. Coffee is making its comeback in a variety of ways. Espresso machines and Bodum are just a few examples. 

Non-alcoholic drinks

The wide variety of mocktails online gives us a window to what could be a trend this year. Confinement has led to an increase in the number of happy hours, which has led to a craze for non-alcoholic drinks to refrain from drinking alcohol too often.

Urban agriculture

During the pandemic, many people have rediscovered the pleasure of cooking and growing their own vegetables and herbs. Almost all balconies, terraces and courtyards have had their own little vegetable gardens. The same trend has followed for large-scale urban agriculture, and in 2022 as we will continue to see more and more urban agriculture, aquaponics and greenhouse initiatives.

Goodbye matcha, hello moringa

Moringa, a drought-resistant tree whose leaves are rich in all kinds of nutrients, is often called the "miracle tree ."The leaves are already used in some traditional medicines, particularly in India and Africa, in beauty products and combat malnutrition. Whole Foods Market, among others, predicts that moringa will overtake matcha because it is also found in powder form and can be added to smoothies, sauces or baked goods. Moringa will also find its way into protein bars, cereal mixes, and desserts.