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3 reasons why you shouldn't tuck away your sunglasses this winter!

The change of season is here. Stormy, windy, rainy days and before we know it, ice and snow. Warm coats, gloves, hats and scarves are coming out of the closet but there is something else you need to protect yourself from the elements ~ sunglasses.

That’s right, though the days are shorter and grayer, it’s not the time to tuck away your sunglasses. In fact you need them more than ever during our Canadian winters. 


At a time when conditions are most hazardous you need to have the best possible vision to get home safely. The winter sun sits lower in the sky, no matter how you adjust the visor it’s right in your eyes.  Your vision can be greatly reduced, particularly when there is reflection from rain, snow, frost or ice on the roadways. Sunglasses filter overly bright direct and indirect light, reduce glare and the effects of reflection, giving you comfortable vision year round.


At this time of the year we don’t feel the warmth of the sun, but because of it’s low angle we are being exposed to more direct ultra violet rays.  It gets worse when you are out in the snow, the UV is reflected up at you, increasing your exposure.  Protecting your eyes from UV is a year round responsibility, as increased exposure can lead to age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and other diseases of the eye.


Winter winds and cold can cause dryness and irritation for your eyes, as well as carrying dirt and debris.  Not only is dry eye uncomfortable, it can also reduce the quality of your vision.  Wearing sunglasses that wrap at the sides of your face prevents evaporation of your protective tears and keeps sand and grit out of your eyes.

Whether you wear prescription glasses, contacts or have no need for vision correction you need to be sure you have appropriate sunglasses to protect your vision and your eyes year round.  IRIS eye care professionals can help you select the best fit and tint for year round sunglass protection and comfort.

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