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We asked Camille a few questions about her favourite time of the year!

"What better than the holiday season to spend time with those we love. For the past 4 years, I have been thrilled to be a part of the big IRIS Ambassador family."

What is your fondest holiday memory?

I am very lucky, for me, the Holidays are synonymous with joy and family. I have so many memories! I can still recall re-enacting the La Fureur TV show during Christmases with the Desrosiers clan. As a teenager, the family would let me host the event because I dreamt of becoming Véronique Cloutier. Everybody participated; my cousin Hugo was always the Dj. The thought of us singing off-key together still makes me smile years later.

Do you have a Holiday tradition?

I know that for many, New Year’s Eve is usually spent with friends, but not for me! From December 31 to January 2, the entire Gaudette family gathers at my aunt and uncle’s to ring in the New Year. Year after year, the forty of us play board games, laugh, take walks and go skiing. The eldest member of my family is Papy, my grandfather at the ripe old age of 91 and the youngest is my niece who's only a few months old!

Another cherished family tradition opening the gifts together on Christmas morning. Even if we celebrate with our in-laws, Christmas morning we always go back home to open gifts. Still today at 30, I show up in pyjamas and my dad dispatches gifts.

For you, the holidays are...

  • A period of rest? I try to disconnect from work as much as possible but more than anything it’s one of those rare times of the year that I don’t use my alarm clock!

  • The ideal time to travel? If I do, I am back for December 31. I am ALWAYS in town on the 31st. I can skip Christmas but never New Year’s—it’s sacred to me.

  • Making new family memories?  Absolutely! That’s what this time of the year is all about. Spending time with family and being reminded of how lucky we are to have them!

Are you a New Year’s resolution type of person?

Not really, although I try every year. I write my resolutions down and most times I don't follow through with them. Instead, I work on myself—step by step. I find that all at once, it’s too intense, I am sure some of you can agree!

What does the New Year mean to you?

New challenges! Always! I thrive on projects and challenges... so yes, the New Year is the time to work on new goals!

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