As a parent, one of your most important goal is to keep your child safe. Providing them with the best care possible includes making sure that their vision is good so that they can see and learn. But whom should you trust to ensure that your child’s eyes are properly looked after? IRIS!

At IRIS, our main purpose is to improve the vision of Canadians. With a focus on eye health, our network of stores, dedicated staff and optometrists are committed to providing you the best eye care possible. You and your children are in good hands with us, here is why:

1 - Comprehensive Eye Exams
At IRIS, we take pride in the offering a thorough eye exam which not only helps to determine your prescription but can also detect underlying health issues. With children, it is important to take time with them to really assess their sight and our optometrists do just that! They spend the necessary time required with them to ensure an accurate examination.

2 - Expertise
Our team of professionals are there to support you. Their knowledge, experience and passion make them essential for your child’s vision. They can assess eye conditions, administer a prescription for glasses, provide valuable information about your child’s eyes as well as tips on how to help maintain good eye health.  The eye doctor can also refer you to a specialist should your child need it. In some cases, the specialists are also part of the IRIS network.

3 - Latest Technology
IRIS is proud to be at the forefront when it comes to innovation and technology. We are always on the lookout for new advancement in the eye health industry so that we can provide you with the best service and care possible.

A child during an eye exam at IRIS

4 - Frame Options
Have you heard of Superflex? This brand of eyewear is perfect for children. They are practically indestructible which is perfect for the less delicate of kids. At IRIS, we have a large assortment of styles and colours of Superflex glasses as well as many other brands, like Ray-Ban Kids, for your little one to choose from.

5 - No matter What Guarantee
IRIS offers the No Matter What Guarantee with all eyewear purchases. This is especially practical for children who may not be careful with their glasses. So, if they accidentally step on their frames or drop them damaging them, IRIS will repair or replace the frame if it breaks, no matter what the reason, at no cost within one year of purchase and at 50% of the original frame purchase price if it breaks within the second year*. If your child’s fully coated prescription lenses break or become scratched within one year of the original purchase date, they will be replaced free of charge to you*. How convenient is that?!

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