This time of the year is so exciting. Between the colder temperatures and the first snowfall, one can’t help but feel the warmth and the magic of the Holidays which are quickly approaching! Putting up decorations, planning festive family dinners, selecting your favourite songs for a merry playlist and, of course, making a wish list! Whether your wish list is for a gift exchange or simply for someone who has a hard time finding you the perfect gift, a wish list can be helpful especially if you have specific wants. 

This year, why not think about adding things to help take care of your eyes? Whether you wear glasses or not, eye health is so important and there are plenty of options to help you take care of one of your most important sensory organs. Here are a few options available at your nearest IRIS store to add to your own personal list or as an option for a loved one:

Whether you are a fan of designer names or simply a fan of cool shades, sunglasses make a great gift! They are not only a fashion accessory since a good quality pair of sunglasses help protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful rays. There are so many styles and colours to choose from, you may need more than one pair!

Sports Goggles
Are you a winter sports enthusiast? You can enjoy your favourite outdoor sport without squinting. Add sports goggles to your wish list! Sports goggles protect your eyes against the elements, UV rays and from foreign objects getting into your eyes. You can even add your prescription to them! 

Or, why not offer these as a gift for a little David Beckham or Megan Rapinoe in the making? At IRIS, we offer sports goggles for young soccer players who need their glasses to see the ball enter the goal. 

Gift Card
Not quite sure what you want yet, or do you prefer shopping for yourself? Why not ask for an IRIS gift card and receive the experience of better vision. The gift card can be used for a new pair of eyewear, sunglasses and contact lenses. You choose what you want! 

Shopping Date
This suggestion cannot be wrapped, but it surely is a much-appreciated gift! Why not ask your fav fashionista or your go-to consultant to accompany you to choose your new glasses? This makes for a fun activity which can easily be combined with a brunch or dinner! After all, the holidays are all about spending time with friends and family. A useful and pleasant gift!

Donation to IRIS Mundial Do you have everything you want and need? Why not ask for a donation to be made on your behalf this year? IRIS Mundial is a cause we hold dear to our hearts! This non-for profit organization helps to improve the visual health of disadvantaged people in developing countries. This year give the gift of sight to someone in need! Do you have a pair of prescription glasses you no longer wear? Drop them off at your local IRIS store. IRIS Mundial cleans and prepares all donated eyewear and gives them to those in need of better vision.

We hope that you have a great Holiday season filled with love, laughter and plenty of time spent with your loved ones.