Just as we protect our skin, we must also remember to protect our eyes. After all, they are very precious! Here are six ways to protect your eyes during the summer.

Always, wear sunglasses!
I am a fan of sunglasses. More than a fashion accessory, they are essential! It's simple: protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays helps keep them healthy. Protecting your eyes from UV rays is important to maintain your vision health. When you are exposing your eyes to the sun without protection, the UV rays are absorbed by the lens and cornea of ​​your eyes, which can cause several types of eye damage. When exposed to the sun without protection, your skin blushes and usually it results in sunburns. Unlike your skin, your eyes can withstand a high dose of UV without giving you any physical signs. Be careful! Following significant UV exposure, even over a short period of time, you may develop photokeratitis (like a sunburn on the eye). Over the years, cumulative exposure to the sun's damaging rays can contribute to the development of cataracts.

Before going outside to enjoy the sun, choose your sunglasses wisely
As you may already know, the sun's rays (UV and infrared) are very dangerous for our eyes. The sand meanwhile, reflects 20% UV and water reflects from 5 to 10%. At the beach, our eyes are exposed to the sun. It is necessary to be vigilant between 11:00 and 3:00, because the intensity of the sun is stronger during this period. Ideally, it would be best not expose ourselves to the sun during this time slot, otherwise, we must protect our eyes with our sunglasses, and why not hats and caps!


Wear a mask or goggles while playing in the water 
The sea’s salted water and the chlorinated water of the pool can be very irritating for your eyes. If you are thinking of going snorkelling or if you plan to participate in any activity that involves soaking your head underwater, we suggest you wear a mask to protect your eyes, bonus, you’ll be able to see all of the fish and the underwater beauty. 


Pack moisturizing drops for your eyes
Once again, chlorine and salt water can be a little irritating for your eyes! Bring eye drops with you to moisturize them. Also, the air conditioning can make your eyes feel like they are a little dry,  another good reason to have "fake tears" on hand!


Your eyes deserve a vacation too!
If you wear contact lenses on a daily basis, the holidays can be a good opportunity for your eyes to rest! We suggest you prioritize wearing your glasses during your holidays. Even better, wear prescription sunglasses!

What about your little ones?
Obviously, these tips also apply to the little ones who travel with you! 80% of the damage caused to our eyes by the sun, happens before the age of 18. Although we know that having children wear sunglasses can a little tricky, make sure their eyes are protected from the sun, the sea and the pool!


Now, one more thing: just make sure that your favorite pair of sunglasses is in your bag! -) This is so important to me, as a mom. I’m used to making sure that everyone has all he or she needs, I, too often forget to bring everything I need! So, go ahead, enjoy all the fun in the sun! Long live the summer and long live the holidays !!!