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7 Activities to do with your mom for Mother’s Day

If your mom is the type who already has everything she needs, why not treat her to some quality time with you? Here is a list of activities to do with your mom to celebrate Mother’s Day.


Go on a Road Trip
Road trips are the best way to get away from the craziness of our everyday lives. Whether you’ve got a destination or not, road trips are perfect to sing along to your favorite songs and to have heart-to-heart conversations with your first best friend! 


Plan a picnic
A day at the spa is expensive, plan a picnic instead! Pack your basket with food she loves, bring a comfy blanket and prepare a playlist with her favourite music. And, don’t forget to bring some wine! This activity is also great if you wish to invite other family members to celebrate this special day.

Visit your local farmer’s market
As the weather is gets warmer, they are back! Mom will love to shop for fresh local vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish and much more. You can even plan to cook together once you get back home. Plus, you can get her some beautiful flowers during your visit!


Spend some time in the garden together
Visit your local plant nursery and have her pick out some flowers or vegetables for her garden, then help her plant them when you get home.

Take a cooking class together
If your mom loves to cook, this is a great activity to do together! She will enjoy learning how to prepare new meals, such as fresh pastas, Indian food or sushi!

Take her on a hike
If your mom is into sports and nature, she will love to take a break from her chores to spend some quality time with you in the woods. Pack your favourite sunglasses, a lunch and a little wine (why not!) and get ready for an Instagram-worthy adventure!

Wine tasting
Your mom loves wine? Treat her to a day of sipping at a winery near you! 


Treat her to an eyewear transformation!
Do not forget to enter our Mother’s Day contest! To register, let us know, in the comments, why your mom is the best. She could win a $2,500 IRIS gift card redeemable toward new prescription glasses or sunglasses! We will draw the winner on Monday, May 14th, 2018. Good luck to all the wonderful moms!

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