Are you ready to give up your reading glasses?

Are you presbyopic and looking for a solution to see clearly both near and far? Have you thought about Multifocal lenses? They would allow you to see clearly both at 30 cm and at 3 metres.

Multifocal lenses correct presbyopia, i.e. a defect in near vision. Indeed, around the age of 40, the crystalline lens, the eye's natural lens, loses its elasticity and has difficulty focusing.  That is, alternating from distance to near vision.  Any task performed at close range, such as reading, will therefore be more difficult without adequate vision correction.

In addition to progressive glasses, multifocal contact lenses are now available to correct this problem. These lenses have several different correction zones. They correct near vision, but also vision at a distance and also intermediate vision.

Acuvue MULTIFOCAL contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson are uniquely designed to provide reliable, crisp, clear vision at all distances, allowing you to continue all activities that require good sight at a distance, middle range and up close. You can continue to wear your contact lenses for your favourite activities.

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