Are Your Eyes Sensitive to the Light? 

Do you tend to squint when you go outside? Maybe this scenario will sound familiar to you:

It’s Sunday and you’re about to go run some errands that you didn’t have time to complete during the week. The sun is shining brightly and despite already feeling exhausted by the mere thought of the long adventure ahead, you grab your keys and put your shoes on.

As soon as you open the door, you are blinded by the light. You ask yourself: was it that dark inside? But since you’ll only be spending the time it takes to go from your car to the store’s entrance outside, you decide not to take your sunglasses with you. Anyway, you would have to take them off in every store and put your prescription glasses on instead, while carrying your sunglasses everywhere. So inconvenient!

The adventure starts. Inside the car, you lower the sun visor to block the sun’s rays that shines brightly off of your windshield. Nevertheless, you squint to make sure you don’t miss anything on the road. Once parked outside your first stop of the day, you can’t help but frown so much that your upper lid feels like it may flip inside out as you walk towards the store, because frowning is an almost inevitable reflex when squinting.

From one stop to another, you are inconvenienced by the sun. Admittedly, only a few minutes at a time, but those minutes add up to a mild discomfort that hindered your errand-filled day. What would be the solution then, for someone whose eyes are as sensitive as yours?

Lenses that are clear when you’re inside, and tinted outside. As simple as that!

That’s why we love the Transitions lenses, which are conceived specifically so you don’t have to change between your regular glasses and your sunglasses throughout your day!

Whether your eye sensitivity is cause by fatigue, medicine, a light-coloured iris or a low exposure to bright lights during the day, Transitions lenses sooth your eyes as they are completely clear inside, and change tint at the speed of light (pun intended) to become very dark outside!

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