Switching from glasses to contact lenses requires a certain sense of responsibility. So, when is a child ready to start wearing contact lenses? As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. If your instincts tell you that your child is too young to wear contact lenses, then that is most probably the case.

The decision of whether or not your child should start wearing contact lenses is based more on your child and the context than on age. Here are some tips to help you determine if your child is ready for this next important step.

What to consider:

Wearing and caring for contact lenses requires a sense of responsibility. Although complications are rare, with only 5% of users experiencing them each year, most problems occur when lenses are worn or handled inappropriately.

Does your child have an easy time assimilating new instructions? Do they do their household chores without needing constant reminders? Are they ever forgetful when it comes to doing their homework? Assess whether your child will be able to follow instructions for contact lens application, removal, maintenance and regular wear, and when they are tired.

Ask your trusted optometrist:

Does your child want to wear contact lenses to practice sports? On the other hand, if the choice is cosmetic, discuss the underlying issues and outside pressures that may influence the decision.

Some benefits of contact lenses:

Contact lenses can often simplify life. If you and your child are willing to invest the time, they can:

  • Expand the field of vision;
  • Be more convenient for sports and improve performance;
  • Provide clearer vision when properly prescribed.

Remember: only healthy eyes can provide good vision. Talk to your optometrist for decisions that affect your family’s vision.