Halloween is a super important event for kids, but that is a given!

In addition to trying to restrain your child's over-the-top costume ambitions, it's also essential to make sure that Halloween events are fun, memorable, and safe. Some safety tips are obvious, but there are others that we sometimes forget, especially when we're busy replenishing and hiding our candy supply.

One safety element that is of primary importance is visibility. Masks are strongly discouraged because your child's field of vision should not be blocked. Instead, opt for allergy-friendly face makeup that won't interfere with their vision!  Also, costumes should not be so long as to increase the risk of your child tripping. Be sure to choose costumes that are made of non-flammable materials such as nylon or thick polyester. Finally, dress your little monsters warmly; nothing is worse than having a cold after Halloween!

Also, kids need to be visible when trick-or-treating after sunset. Use reflective tape, glow bracelets and flashlights to ensure better visibility because keeping them safe is the most important! Whether your child is dressed as a ghost, princess, superhero or unicorn, they should always be easily visible.

It's also important that the child only visit houses with the lights on to see what's waiting behind the door. For example, if your child is wary of dogs, it is important to know ahead of time if you need to help protect them from an overly enthusiastic puppy. In any case, if the lights are off, it's probably because the residents don't want visitors.

One last tip to remember!

Once safety precautions have been put in place and the kids have been given instructions, don't forget to have fun and let the magic of the evening take over!