On November 22nd we held the very first edition of the IRIS Ambassadors Holiday Event! On this day, we brought together some of our ambassadors and their family members for the last time before the end of 2018.

The event took place at Vanessa Sicotte’s L’Appartement Damask & Dentelle. Vanessa had installed all of her Christmas decorations just for us!  This beautiful venue really helped make our event a success. Moreover, if you want to rent the apartment for a private event, it's entirely possible! Visit Vanessa's website for all the details.

A table filled with delicious Holiday food during the IRIS Ambassadors Brunch 2018

In the photos, you may notice a new face: this is Vanessa Béland from the @fleurmaison Instagram account. Our marketing team started following her this year and we all have a big crush on Vanessa (as well as on her husband Félix @legarçon.co and that's why we decided to ask her if she wanted to join our team of ambassadors in 2019. We took this opportunity to introduce her it to our big IRIS family during this festive brunch.

Vanessa Béland from the @fleurmaison Instagram Account during the IRIS Ambassadors Brunch 2018

We were also very fortunate to have Cory Walker from Nikon Optical Canada, who was kind enough to bring us the brand new range of Nikon sunglasses that will soon be available on our shelves. Nikon even spoiled our ambassadors with a pair of sunglasses! This was so exclusive, since their sunglasses are not yet available in store! As they were trying on sunglasses to choose from, almost all our ambassadors fell in love with the same style! Bryan Audet even created an Instagram story with photos of our ambassadors and their family members wearing the same pair of Nikon sunglasses. It was crazy to see that these sunglasses looked great on everyone!

Nikon glasses demonstration during the IRIS Ambassadors Brunch 2018

We also had the pleasure of having Isabelle from Sweet Isabelle with us to lead a gingerbread cookie decoration station. Our goal was to create little IRIS cookies with glasses and sunglasses. Everyone was able to decorate some cookies to eat on the spot or for a later snack. Thanks to Isabelle's instructions, our ambassadors were able to decorate such beautiful IRIS cookies!

Cookie decorating station during the IRIS Ambassadors Brunch 2018

Thanks to the collaboration of our partners Luxottica, Maui Jim and, of course, Nikon, we were able to provide our guests with a gift bag. It's always fun to spend time together, because even though they all know each other, our ambassadors do not always have the opportunity to meet, relax and chat. 

Gifts under the tree at the IRIS Ambassadors Brunch 2018

Not all members of our extended family were able to make it to the event: our team of ambassadors living in Western Canada could not attend the event, but this is only a postponement until next year! 

Thank you all for agreeing to share a precious moment with us, see you all next year!

Camille DG and Vanessa Sicotte at the IRIS Ambassadors Brunch 2018