How long have you been involved with IRIS and what makes you proud to be an ambassador for the brand?
I have been an ambassador for IRIS for 6 years now. The collaboration started on a more local level in the region of Quebec and Montmagny. Since then, my role has expanded to the whole country and I am extremely proud of it. I am proud to be able to associate with a REAL family. The term might seem overused, but at IRIS, that's how I felt right from the start. IRIS is a large close-knit family that puts the health of your eyes first. Even when I was a little boy, I remember I always liked wearing glasses. To me, glasses are a way to express myself. Throughout my years with IRIS, I realized that glasses aren’t just cool and trendy: beyond all that, they give you the opportunity to see well. At IRIS, I found a great family who knows how to be at the service of their customers. This family is now taking care of my very own family! My son Léon was seen by Dr. Nathalie Therrien from IRIS Terrebonne for his first conjunctivitis!

How important is vision for you since you are now a father?
When I was in high school, one of my friend's father was blind. He was not born blind, it happened while he was away on vacation. I never really wrapped my head around the fact that this man had lost one of his five senses, but I have always known that we take our vision for granted. Plus, it happened to him when his daughter was only 6 years old. Today, she is a woman and he will never be able to see her. This story really shook me. It has sown a seed in me that has sprouted, and has flourished since I became a dad. My son is growing up under my amazed gaze, and I constantly try to remember how lucky I am to see him and to witness all that.

Bryan picked some of his favourite styles: 

Choice 1: Alfred Sung As5173

Alfred Sung As5173
For my ophthalmic glasses, I have a fondness for metal frames this year. I find the material very light and it feels very comfortable. I also like the fact that you can pick a very large frame without it hiding your face too much and becoming sort of a mask. With metal glasses, you can wear something extravagant, while having a certain delicacy. I like this frame particularly because I also love round glasses. However, as I have very straight eyebrows and a round face, round frames are not always a perfect fit for me. The difference with this one is the straight line on the top of the frame that kind of breaks the roundness. In addition, a black frame remains classic and it goes well with anything!

Choice 2: CHARMANT CH12157
CHARMANT CH12157I particularly like this one because I love the mix of plastic and metal. I also really love the black and the gold together, in my opinion it is the classy mix of colours. The fact that the bridge and the branches are gilded and delicate, compared to the outline of glasses it attracts more attention. I think it's the perfect frame for a stylish event.

Choice 3: Ray-Ban RB3546

Ray-Ban RB3546

Like with prescription glasses, I love the round shape for sunglasses as well. With its retro double bridge, these Ray-Ban frames are, in my opinion, perfect! As previously mentioned, black and gold is, for me, the perfect colour combo!

Choice 4: Maui Jim Compass

Maui Jim Compass

These are definitely a classic! The famous aviator shades are so popular. However, what sold me on these is the slight shape difference these being more rectangular (they fit me better since I have big cheeks). The frame is a little thicker which makes it more visible by giving it a bold, less fragile look. Once again, I love the brushed gold colour. It brings a whole new look. What makes this pair of sunnies even more exceptional is the lenses. At Maui Jim, they have their own polarized lens technology. Personally, I have a hard time going outdoors without my Maui Jim sunglasses.