Buying contact lenses online can sometimes save you money. However, it is less safe than ordering them from an eyecare professional.

There is a lot of confusion about everything that surrounds the purchase and renewal of contact lenses. In fact, with online shopping being so accessible, it's important to be better informed about everything related to safety and hygiene for contact lens wear. Here are the tips to make a wise and safe choice.

Non-negotiable point: You must have a complete eye exam done by an optometrist every two years. This is true no matter what your age. Even if your lenses are still comfortable or your vision has remained unchanged for 10 years, many side effects of wearing contact lenses can occur without symptoms. Your optometrist can assess your eye health to identify any conditions that may be problematic. Early intervention can make the difference between unwanted situations, such as possible contact lens intolerance or serious infections.

It is of utmost importance to have your contact lenses checked for proper fit on your eyes. Your optometrist should take measurements of the curvature/shape of the cornea so that your contact lenses are correctly positioned on the cornea. We are talking about a foreign body in the eye, and it is not a "one size fits all."

Myth: Buying online is always cheaper. This is FALSE. Although this was the case several years ago, prices from online vendors have gradually increased. In fact, contact lens manufacturers help retailers and optometrists to offer a better price with special programs: mail-in rebates, instant rebates, loyalty programs, etc. Some products are cheaper in-store than online, especially for newer brands, so buy locally and make an appointment with your trusted optometrist. 

Retailers and optometrists are adapting to the new market realities. Many, like IRIS, even offer free delivery of your contact lenses to your home! 

There are many brands, and it is important to understand that some are better than others and that not all products sold suit everyone.

In short, the contact lens market has evolved, and there is a vast array of options, which is why it is important to have an optimal product customized for your eyes based on your optometrist's recommendations.