I feel lucky to have been an IRIS ambassador for a few years now. Since I am a fashionista, my glasses have become one of my favorite accessories and I like to have different pairs that I can switch according to my current mood and outfits. In this article, I will present to you some glasses and sunglasses that I picked at IRIS during the year 2018 and 2019!

1) My Chloé glasses
This pair of ophthalmic glasses is my new favorite. When I saw this frame at the Boucherville IRIS store, I immediately knew that I wanted to get them. I like the way they reinvent the delicate metal round bezel, with an oversized frame. It gives both a vintage and chic touch to my look. Also, when I watch TV, I'm sure my glasses will not be obstructing my view! They're the ones in the main photo of this blog post.


2) The oval Ray-Ban sunnies
Lately, round sunglasses have been gaining popularity. We’ve also seen lots of oval frames become more popular on Instagram. I decided to try this pair of Ray-Ban RB 3847 that is classic while having the little flair look that I love!

Ray-Ban RB3847

3) My off-road Tom Ford
This pair of gold glasses from Tom Ford is a classic. What I love about these is that I can wear my sunglasses on top of this frame. 

Camille Dg wearing her Tom Ford glasses


4) The blue lenses: I love them
This pair of Michael Kors MK2056 sunglasses are a sportier pair, while remaining chic and I absolutely love it. I like the zebra-patterned frame that goes well with the coloured lenses. It gives a youthful look and it can definitely enhance a look!

Michael Kors MK2056

5) Dior: an amazing shape
When I tried this Dior frame, my mother was not convinced that they suited me. She preferred the Chloé (first paragraph). Luckily, I was able to choose more than one pair. I had first seen this frame six months ago and it had caught my eye by its irregular shape, its double bridge and its original style. I love to wear them when I'm dressed all in black, they create the wow effect I'm looking for!

 Camille Dg wearing her Dior glasses


6) Nikon to travel
Did you know that Nikon is now not only retailing lenses for glasses, but also frames? These ones are very light and perfect for those who want to go on a trip. I picked a more classic frame from their collection and I love it!

Camille Dg wearing her Nikon sunglasses


7) Green tones tortoise
This frame was my favorite of 2018. As soon as I put them on, I found it enhanced the green of my eyes. I rarely wear frames that are not metallic, but theses have won my heart.

Camille Dg wearing her tortoise glasses


8) Prada frame that gets noticed
Last but not least, I love my pair of Prada sunnies because it does not go unnoticed. Rosalie Bonenfant wears the same pair in many of her Instagram photos. I have added my prescription in these glasses and I wear them constantly, I think they give a je-ne-sais-quoi to all outfits!

Camille Dg wearing her Prada sunnies


And you, which frame or pair of sunnies is your favourite?