The word passion is vast. I have often heard my mother tell me that this is one of the most overused words of all time. On the other hand, I am a woman who has always described herself as passionate. My life is filled with many passions and the performances that related to these passions. Let me explain. In second grade, I remember starting to love to write more than anything. At that moment, we had to write short stories and we also had to illustrate them. I can’t remember the exact number of short stories that were required, but I can definitely remember that I created five times more than what was requested. Were all these stories interesting? Surely not, but I wanted to improve myself so badly and I had such a strong passion for writing that this project took up a big place in my life. Also, when I started participating in swimming competitions, I developed a boundless love for the sport and I described myself as a passionate athlete. Then, in CEGEP, my new passion was theatre ... you see the trend, right?

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As I got older, I continued to live out my passions. When I was in college, I began to develop a great curiosity for the web and for social media (back in 2008 and 2009, it was the beginnings of these networks). Despite all that was said about my career choices at the time that they were not good ones, I listened to my heart and I believed in myself: the web was the path I wanted to take.

My passions allowed me to move forward and to surpass myself, it's what drives me to always want more in life. As an entrepreneur, I am now looking to surround myself with a team of passionate people in the office. I like people who are as passionate about their job as they are about their hobbies. I am always looking for individuals who have a lot to share with their colleagues.

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As for my clients, business partners and the companies with which I associate myself with, I look for the same thing: passion. Let me tell you that with my IRIS family, I do feel passion. Every time I visit an IRIS store, I know that I will meet people who take their work really seriously and love it more than anything.

I deeply believe that loving a job makes it possible to be more successful and make the lives of others around us brighter. Isn’t that what we all want?

So, sorry mom, but I still love the word passion, no matter what you think!

Camille Dg is wearing prescription Ray-Ban glasses