Dr. Peter Renke (Optometrist) opened Kits Optometry back in 1998 and his store became part of IRIS in 2007. Dr. Renke wanted to join the IRIS banner because of the advantages linked to the buying power of the network and because of the quality of its products. He was also deeply connected to IRIS’s values and its mission to helping Canadians experience better vision and he was interested in connecting with its network of like-minded peers.

When asked if his team was different from other IRIS teams, Nathan So, Optician and manager at IRIS Kitsilano answers: “Yes, in part because we have a partner in store, Dr. Renke. The stakes are higher because our efforts translate to an outcome that is very real and tangible. As much as it is important to work for a company with good values, working for a person that is in the store seems a bit more substantial and when you have a partner that cares about his patients in the same way IRIS does, you have a recipe for success.”

The team at IRIS Kitsilano

Dr. Renke and Dr. Ho studied at the same university and were only 4 years apart! Dr. Renke once told us that during their school years, she was like his “little sister” and when he needed someone to practise with him at his clinic a couple of months ago, he immediately thought of her and contacted her to invite her to work with him. Dr. Lisa Ho (Optometrist) has a specialization in specialty contact lens practice and also in eye dryness. From 2000 to 2001, she did her residency at the University of Houston College of Optometry. She’s been a great addition to the team since April 2019. She will help to build a strong medical practice focusing on dry eye patients and those that require specialty contact lenses due to irregular corneas.

The team at IRIS Kitsilano is also lucky to be able to count on Melissa Phung (Optician) who has been working at the store for 7 years, as well as on Julian Wong. The team is close and they organize biannual dinners and Dr. Renke hosts a BBQ and pool party annually. The patients in Kitsilano are easygoing, relaxed. “They appreciate honest advice over a hard sell and in return support us with patronage,” comments So.

The waiting room at the IRIS Kitsilano store

“We are a small location that caters well to the needs of our local area. Our stock of contact lenses makes us very convenient as we find our patients come in regularly to say hi and pick up a box or a couple of boxes of contacts. We fit in well in Kitsilano with our pleasant and relaxed store atmosphere while still maintaining our professionalism.  Our range of staff from Optometrist to Optician to sales associates are knowledgeable and honest as we confidently meet patients’ expectations. Our store décor may be a little different than your classic IRIS but we have been told regularly by our patients that our office gives off a warm vibe and that they feel at peace when they come in,” explains Nathan So.

If you are in the Kitsilano area, do not hesitate to drop by to come pick out your new glasses and chat with the team!