Whether you participate in sports regularly or occasionally, contact lenses are your best allies. Not only do they give you more freedom than glasses, but they also give you a wider field of vision. Even if you don't wear contact lenses daily, you have options.

The benefits of playing sports with contact lenses

Better peripheral vision: contact lenses sit directly on your eyes and conform to their shape, giving you a much wider field of vision than with glasses. Finally, enjoy everything around you.

Run freely: Unlike glasses, contact lenses don't slip when you exercise. No need to adjust them in the middle of a run! Enjoy complete freedom of movement and just focus on your sports performance.

Compatible with your sports gear: If your favourite sport requires wearing a helmet or other face protection, contact lenses are the best way to stay comfortable and see clearly. 

Clear, healthy vision: no need to clean your glasses! Whether you're playing sports in the rain, snow, outdoors or on dirt, your lenses won't get fogged up, wet or dusty and will keep your vision clear.

UV protection: Many soft contact lenses have a UV filter that provides additional protection from the sun's harmful rays. Your eyes are protected, your vision is clear, and you can enjoy the outdoors!

Ask your IRIS professional for advice on which contact lenses suit your prescription and lifestyle.