The current pandemic has changed our lifestyles on so many levels. We had to quickly re-adjust ourselves to a new reality. In response to this situation, we’ve had to change even the most simple and natural gestures and rituals of our everyday lives. This was also the case for contact lenses wearers!

During the lockdown last spring, contact lens wearers wore their lenses an average of 22 days per month, compared to 16 days per month before the pandemic began. In times of non-containment, that's a nearly 40% increase in contact lens use. A return to "normal" therefore seems to be synonymous with greater use of contact lenses on a daily basis!



Working from home and online schooling are by far the biggest changes that were brought to us by the current pandemic, and let’s not forget our new main means of entertainment, such as video games, watching series or movies, not to mention meeting with your family or friends on Zoom, Team or other. Staying for long hours with your eyes riveted on a screen can increase visual fatigue and lead to general tiredness.

It is really important for contact lens wearers to be properly advised on the type of contact lens that is best suited to their needs and lifestyle. Screen time, distance between the screen and their eyes, brightness, size and type of screen are also determining factors in choosing the right type of contact lenses. CooperVision's Biofinity Energy Lenses are still a great choice of contact lenses that can provide relief to tired eyes no matter how many hours you spend in front of digital screens. 

These contact lenses are ideal for both online and offline activities. Ask your Optometrist to try them out and see if they can give you better vision, better comfort, and less eye strain. Wearing contact lenses adapted to your needs improves your quality of life!