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Costumes, candies and safe eyes make for a perfect Halloween!

TIP #1 : Be visible

Halloween is fast approaching and that means our little ones (and let’s admits adults too) are picking their favourite costumes. Our first tip for a safe halloween is actually quite easy…make sure people can see you when you are crossing the streets. We recommend wearing bright colours, wearing flashing lights or adding reflective materials to your costumes. 

TIP #2 : Ask your optometrist about cosmetic contact lenses!

We understand you want that perfect Vampire or Zombie look which is why you want costmetic contact lenses. What you must know is that these contact lenses might irritate your eyes, cause tingling, redness, a burning sensation they can even be cause cause for infection. That’s why we recommand you consult your optometrist prior to purchasing them. Your eye health professional will insure they are properly fitted to your vision and your eyes. In 2016, health Canada has regulated this type of contact lens recognizing it as a medical device.

TIP #3 : Make-up vs. Mask

It's always safer to opt for make-up rather than a mask to avoid obstructing your vision!

Protect your eyes and visit your IRIS optometrist to perfect your Halloween look!

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