Topology, Custom-Tailored Glasses

Have you ever seen a frame you loved on the shelf, but it did not suit you? Often the difference between a stunning frame looking good or unflattering on you, is just a couple of millimeters, and Topology makes that change possible. Topology frames look good on you, not just on the shelf! Plus, the comfort and performance of these glasses is exceptional. They are literally moulded to your face. They’re so comfortable, you'll forget you are wearing them!

Because everyone is different, glasses should be made for every one, not everyone. If you want something truly of your own, there is no more unique product that Topology. Their high level of customization and quality is currently unequaled. Your glasses will be completely one of a kind. Made only for you, to fit and suit you perfectly.  We are very proud to announce that they are making their grand debut into the Canadian market exclusively in selected IRIS stores.

Measured and designed by youMade from scratch and guaranteed to fit

At IRIS, our goal is to enable as many Canadians as possible to experience better vision, and that definitely comes with optimal comfort. For this reason, IRIS has chosen to partner with Topology, a company that will allow you to create your own custom-tailored glasses according to your own facial structure which will ensure optimal fit.

Topology is a concept that has been all the rage in the United States for a few years and your glasses will be crafted from scratch in San Francisco, that has a special reputation for both artisanal craft and cutting-edge technology.


Each style is as unique as you are!

-Measured for you-
Our IRIS opticians will scan your face and capture your measurements 

-Designed by you-
Select your style, your colour, the shape and preview it!

-Made from scratch-
Each pair is crafted for one person at a time from the highest quality materials

-Perfect, Guaranteed-
We guarantee your Topology glasses will fit perfectly, look great and feel great


How it works?

Steps to creating YOUR perfect pair of Topology glasses:
1.Call to book an appointment with your IRIS optician.*
2.During your appointment, get your face scanned by our professionals.
3.In the virtual gallery, try on different styles.
4.Pick the shape, colour and material you want for your frame.
5.Receive and wear your creation!
*Valid prescription is required.


To live the Topology experience, make an appointment at one of these IRIS stores:

British Columbia
-Langley Gardens
-West Vancouver

-Sherwood Park
-Calgary - Southpointe Shopping Center
-Red Deer

-Toronto - North York