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Degressive Lenses: A Great Option for the Office

When you reach your forties, you might be starting to experience symptoms of presbyopia.  This condition is caused by the hardening of the lens of your eye, which occurs with aging. If you are starting to develop presbyopia, your optometrist might recommend that you wear reading glasses or choose progressive lenses for your eyeglasses. These are ideal for everyday life because they allow you to see all distances, from near, far and intermediate. However, progressive lenses are less suitable for indoor environments, where you probably spend a lot of your time. If you work in an office, your eyes most likely navigate several times a day between your computer screen, your folders, the phone and your colleagues. It is therefore near and intermediate visions that are most often used. With progressive lenses, in order to see the screen in front of you, you have to lift your head so that our eyes stay in the middle zone of the lens, located in the lower part of the glasses. This posture creates tension in the neck and shoulders, which can be highly uncomfortable. In addition, the aberration zones of progressive lenses limit the field of vision, widthwise. That is why it is recommended to have a pair of glasses especially designed for the office and the house, equipped with degressive lenses.

For More Comfort at Work
This type of lens offers a wider field of vision, which allows seeing both intermediate and up-close. Thus, with degressive lenses, you can look at your computer screen by keeping a good posture and a natural head position. Several versions of these glasses are available to give you precise vision according to your work environment. For example, if you often look at the computer screen and your files, we will recommend lenses with a wider field of vision, allowing you to see the screen without lifting your head. In order to offer you the best lenses for your work environment, the optician will ask you about your main tasks, the distance between your eyes and your screen, as well as the layout of your keyboard on your desk, among other things. An illustrated chart with different options will also be presented to better guide you in your choice. Subsequently, precise measurements will be taken, such as the pupillary distance and the height of your gaze line. Your lenses will be centred to the closest millimetre for you to have the best vision possible, as well as a good posture. Poorly centred glasses can quickly cause discomfort and headaches. That's why it's important to entrust your glasses to eye care professionals.

Also Useful for Your Activities at Home
Glasses with degressive lenses will also be useful at home. For example, for cooking, close-up vision is required to read a cookbook or tablet, but vision at the middle range level is also used for chopping ingredients for instance. Degressive glasses can also be worn to read or play a musical instrument.

In the end, to ensure you maintain a good posture at work, it is important to adjust your workstation… but don’t forget to adjust your glasses! To get glasses specifically designed for your work environment, visit us at your local IRIS store!


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