At IRIS, our ultimate goal is to improve the vision of Canadians. We want our vision professionals to be recognized and appreciated for their skills, their specialized fields of practice and the constant evolution of the IRIS experience.

At IRIS, you will find Optometrists for whom the patient's well-being is always at the center of their concerns. In keeping with our mission and promise, we offer high-quality products and services to meet the needs of our patients and to help them experience better vision.

Our Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians are always looking for new technologies and innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence and Remote Optometry. These latest technologies allow us, for example, to detect diseases that were previously undetectable during eye exams.

At IRIS, we are visionaries and know that the future of eye care is in specialty practices. Here are some of the specialty practices we offer at IRIS:

- Orthoptics (vision rehabilitation): use of exercises, lenses, prisms and various instruments to treat strabismus and other visual problems.

- Contact lenses

- Low vision

- Geriatrics

- Pediatrics

- Dry eye clinic

- Myopia Control

- Refractive Surgery 

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