We see and touch them every day, but we take them for granted far too often. The fine hairs that grow out of our eyelids serve many purposes. Here are just a few.

They Warn Your Eyes in the Case of a Potential Danger
Let’s try something together. Gently touch the tip of your eyelashes with the tip of your finger. It probably felt like it was tickling your eye and, your eyelid was able to feel that something had touched your eyelashes. Eyelashes are highly sensitive to touch. One of their main roles is to guard your eyes. Their sensitivity is used to warn your brain to close your eyes if something is coming too close to them. Basically, your eyelashes are telling your eyelids to close shut when an object, such as a bug or some particles in the air, is about to fly into your eyes.

Health Indicator
If you start losing your eyelashes at an alarming rate, it might be due to various reasons. Your eyes might be irritated from cosmetics. If this is the case, you might want to explore new options in terms of eye makeup or simply change the mascara tube that you are currently using. If you notice that your eyelids feel itchy or burning, it might be a sign of Blepharitis. In this case, please consult with your optometrist as soon as possible. If you have a habit of pulling out your eyelashes, you might be suffering from Trichotillomania, which is a condition where stress, emotions or psychological distress causes someone to pull out their own lashes regularly.


Helps Keeping Your Eyes Moist
It is believed that your eyelashes work in a way to decrease the air flowing into the surface of your eyes, which could help reduce the evaporation of the liquid produced by tears. In the end, they help your eyes to stay moist.

Lashes and Beauty
Humans tend to associate long dark lashes to feminine beauty. In fact, long eyelashes create the illusion of wide, gazing eyes which would be more attractive to men, according to researchers. Another interesting fact: studies even show that women tend to blink slower than men. If you apply mascara on a daily basis, please make sure you replace your mascara wand every 2-3 months. Eye makeup applicators harbour bacteria that can cause eye infections.

Fun Facts About Eyelashes:
- They can take around 7 to 8 weeks to grow back if they are pulled out.
- They have a life span of about 90 days.
- The hairs on your top lid are much fuller than the ones on your lower lash line. While your lower lash line has from 200 to 300 lashes, your lower lid only
has about 100.
- The longest eyelash in the world was 2.75 inches long.
- Tiny mites live in them. These little creatures known as Demodex help remove dirt and clean your follicles. They essentially help your eyes fight infections.

If you have questions about your eyelashes, you can always ask your IRIS opticians and optometrists!

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