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Eyes on the Brand: Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi is one of today’s best-known American fashion designers. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and he’s been in the fashion industry ever since he launched the first collection of his eponymous clothing label in 1986. Apart from being a very successful fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi is also a performer! He’s been a TV host and judge on Project Runway: All Stars, a one-man cabaret act performer and we’ve even briefly seen him in the film Men in Black (1997) as one of the “celebrity aliens’’. Over the course of his career, he has been designing clothes, shoes, handbags, glasses and even, theatre and opera costumes!

A beauty shot of a woman wearing Isaac Mizrahi glasses

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He says that a lot of his design ideas come from mistakes and tricks of the eye. “There are so many images out there, so many clothing elements, and the only ones that look interesting to me are the ones who look slightly mistaken or very surprising.” He will sometimes look at the outfits of people walking down the street and take photos to help him remember a hole in a shirt or a particular detail.

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Isaac Mizrahi is also really inspired by movies. He finds the colours and the lights in a movie are an incredible source of inspiration. He once said that when he watches a movie, he is always wondering, “How can I ever make anything that is as beautiful as that image of Nathalie Wood or Greta Garbo? I guess that’s what makes me lie awake at night!’’. 

A beauty shot of a woman wearing Isaac Mizrahi glasses

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Since it was launched, the Isaac Mizrahi brand has achieved international acclaim for its colourful and stylish designs. The shapes and silhouettes are classic, clean and refined, while the execution is exuberant, bold and confident, just like its designer!

If you’re looking for a stylish, yet original pair of glasses that will challenge your style, Isaac Mizrahi’s glasses could definitely be a great choice for you! Visit us at your local IRIS store to try some frames from his newest collection.  

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