Glamorous with a jet-set lifestyle, the acclaimed designer and American star Michael Kors has made a timeless name for himself since the 80s, thanks to his classic designs and sharp sense of marketing.

It was in 1964 that Michael Kors signed his first design! At the age of 5, he accompanied his mother, who was getting remarried, to a fitting. The wedding dress she put on was covered with little curls. "It's not that pretty," he said, "it's too busy." Sensing that her son's instincts were right, his mother asked the designer to remove all the curls on her dress! The result was beautiful.


This anecdote illustrates Michael Kors' flair for fashion and seems a precursor to an aesthetic that has always sought to do more with less. Kors has always been very faithful to his style, which has changed little over the years. And this is not a fault: he offers simple and classic cuts made with luxurious fabrics. His fashion ages very well. There is no lack of taste when wearing Michael Kors! 

Michael Kors offers affordable frames for a young urban clientele, a true icon of affordable luxury. Since the early 80s, the Michael Kors eyewear collections have stood out for their timeless contemporary style, perfectly in tune with the brand's glamorous chic universe.


A trendy and jet-setting label, Michael Kors has quickly earned an international reputation for its versatile and always elegant eyewear and sunglasses. It's no surprise that many Hollywood stars, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt, have adopted them! 

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