As you may have guessed, the eyewear manufacturer Prodesign Denmark is Danish, and more precisely from Aarhus, named the European Capital of Culture in 2017. In 1973, the brand was born under the impulse of opticians who wanted to create glasses that highlighted facial features. This synergy between frames and face shapes is still at the heart of their work today.

Prodesign 4772

The material used doesn't matter to the designer, whether titanium, acetate or metal. The goal is to make the glasses that we wear every day easy to wear. As far as shapes are concerned, the design is Scandinavian: simple, classic shapes, and discrete are the keywords that describe the collection. On the other hand, for the colours, Prodesign doesn't hesitate to be more expressive. Contrasts are part of the designer's signature, whether in a straightforward way or through small details. Prodesign Denmark's eyewear and sunglasses reflect the port city where they are based: a mix of contemporary and traditional architecture, with colour as a common thread!

Prodesign Denmark frames are ideal for those who want a classic frame, incorporating modern elements like metal and transparency, texture or organic shapes. Also, Prodesign Denmark frames are hand-assembled and anti-allergenic. So, the frames stand the test of time with grace and elegance.

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