Glasses and sunglasses are made for fun times, according to SPY. You definitely want to get to know this independent Southern California-based company if you like funky, out-of-the-ordinary and comfortable eyewear. Even if they are mostly known for their sportswear sunglasses, they also create amazing prescription frames using unique shapes and materials that complement all fashion trends. We absolutely love the Rico frame! The very lightweight matte plastic material, its double bridge and the white lower part of the frame make it a super cool-looking frame. 

SPY Rico frames on a white background

Frame: SPY Rico

SPY is an unconventional, fun-loving family of athletes and artists committed to creating exceptional optical products. Since 1994, they have been designing eyewear that takes style cues from the outdoor sports community as well as the lifestyle that surrounds it. 

The designers behind the brand always have one thing in mind when they create new pieces for the collection: everyone wants to be happy. The brand is focused on bringing happiness to all its wearers. The frames always have to be daring and fun, but they also focus on creating a new type of lenses to help their customers see the world a little better.

Their exclusive Happy Lens technology is the only lens on the market which harnesses the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light, while offering protection from short-wave blue light known to damage the eyes. The Happy Lens name comes from independent studies which have shown that long-wave blue light can positively affect a person’s mood and alertness.

A man is on the beach, wearing SPY optical glasses

The SPY collection features the world’s first therapeutic lens technology and this is why it has become the obvious choice for many eyewear wearers. Focusing on this therapeutic lens technology has made the brand one of the top picks when it comes to comfort and UV protection.

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