In creating his eponymous brand, Steve Madden first aimed to transform the footwear industry. He stood up to the challenge brilliantly: his business now has millions of customers around the world. When he launched is brand in 1990, he only had $1,100 in his bank account.

A pair of Steve Madden Threadded Honey on a table beside a plant and a cup of coffee

Frames: Threadded Honey

He started drawing and creating shoes in Queens, New York. It did not take too long before he presented his first collection to the public and it was a great success. Steve Madden then started focusing on platform heels, which would become his trademark. His main source of inspiration comes from some of the 1970’s greatest rock bands. That’s what led him to create shoes with thick, square heels. Since the launch of his brand, Steve Madden has always been  responsible for both the design and the marketing of his products. Some of his closest allies say that he has always had a sixth sense for trends. His vision is to "give fashion-conscious men and women a unique way to express their individuality with style". 

A woman is wearing a pair of Steve Madden Kwiltt

Frames: Kwiltt

On a daily basis, he likes to find inspiration by looking at what people are wearing when they walk down the streets of fashion capitals, such as New York and London. He is also really inspired by Rock'n'Roll and loves to add an urban touch to all of his creations. His designs are innovative, original and always chic. The brand represents a way of life that follows trends, while maintaining its independence and adding a funky touch to its look.

A pair of Steve Madden Knitted Blue on the table of a coffee shop beside a latte

Frames: Knitted Blue

Over the years, Steve Madden's product offering has never stopped diversifying itself. Collections now include more than just shoes. There is a variety of accessories including handbags, jewelry, perfumes and even glasses! Like all of his other creations, Steve Madden glasses follow the latest trends, especially if you look at the shapes of the frames. They all have an original touch that sets them apart from other glasses, whether it’s through their bright colours or bold patterns. These glasses are even bold in their name: unlike most creators who give model numbers to each of their frame, Steve Madden gives them quite special names, such as Eccentrik, Edjii or Orriginaal.


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