Xavier Garcia is a Spanish eyewear designer. He is based out of Barcelona. This detail is evident as the spirit of the brand and the designs are inspired by the city, its atmosphere and its energy. Both the style and the colours are urban and will perfectly match more dynamic types.

In addition to his prescription glasses and sunglasses collection, Xavier Garcia also has a contemporary jewellery collection. The meticulousness required for jewellery is also evident in his eyewear. His collections are made of different materials such as metal or acetate. In addition, the frames always have a touch of colour or a whimsical detail. Each model has a name and a personality. According to Xavier Garcia, we are what we wear.

Xavier Garcia and his team are keen to share with the world a unique brand with a personality and authenticity that reflects the city of Barcelona itself. The company continues to grow year after year in terms of staff and sales, exporting its essence and culture worldwide through its iconic collections. 

It is original and bright urban eyewear, with colour combinations and shapes inspired by Barcelona and its constant movement. Eyewear with a strong attitude to please the wearer, keenly aware of the urban character of a creative and authentic Barcelona.

Xavier Garcia's two-tones (black and red) plastic frame