At IRIS we are always looking at the latest innovations and technologies available in the world of eye care. Our goal is to continue to provide you with better vision, better products and better services. 

That is why we are incredibly proud and excited to introduce you to Topology Eyewear. This new custom-tailored eyewear service is exclusive to IRIS in Canada, and it's a perfect fit!  Just like IRIS, Topology embraces uniqueness. They create eyewear for individuals, not the masses because one size does not fit all. 

So, what exactly is Topology Eyewear?

  • Frames that fit you perfectly for optimal comfort and the best vision. This requires precise measurements, so we do a 3-D digital scan that captures over 20,000 facial points. How precise is that?
  • Your perfect style. When your scan is complete, you can virtually try-on frames specifically selected for your face shape. They are available in an amazing array of colours and finishes and can be customized to your taste. Get creative!
  • Custom made from scratch in North America. Your choice of frame along with all your custom specifications are sent to the factory in San Francisco, California, where they are crafted from premium materials. Imagine that! No assembly line, just one frame at a time!
  • Your perfect eyewear. It's all in the details. The precision of this technology assures you get a perfect fit that is comfortable and looks amazing! Guaranteed!

Now what are you waiting for? Call to book your appointment with an IRIS Optician and let's custom tailor your next pair of glasses!