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For the love of glasses

A pair of glasses is the perfect way to express your personality and share who you are with the world. I always really loved glasses, even as a little kid. However, in elementary school, I was so clumsy that you would have thought that I was purposefully entertaining myself by stopping balls in the playground with my face, in the hopes that my glasses would break so that I could replace them.

In some ways, having to replace my glasses often due to my childhood clumsiness taught me to love change. Even if, as an 8-year-old, glasses may not be perceived as the coolest of accessories, my optician always made me feel really comfortable wearing them. I trusted his expertise and ultimately fell in love the tool that now lets me see life in the best way.

Every year, I visit my optometrist. Why? Because every year my vision evolves, as does the technology to analyse it. For example, there was the time that my optician Pascale suggested I try new lenses that would dramatically reduce my eye strain at night. Not only did it reduce my eye strain, but it also helped reduce my frequent headaches. They have also tested my eyes with a piece of equipment that can detect many serious eye health diseases that can affect my vision when I am older. Even if I am only 25, it’s all about prevention!

What we must understand in all of this is this: you take care of your teeth every day - you brush and you floss to make sure your teeth stay healthy and don’t fall out. But why not do the same with what we have that is most precious… our eyes. Obviously, you don’t have to brush them! ;) But go see your optometrist on a yearly basis - add it to your to do list, and your eyes will thank you in the long run.

- Bryan Audet, IRIS Ambassador

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