The following are four tips to recharge your batteries and to help you survive the Holidays:


The whole point of the holidays is to rest.  However, resting during the day is not enough. You still need to get enough sleep! Easier said than done, the festivities come and go, and we all tend to stay up too late, too often. How can we recover? Catch up during the day! The experts agree: napping can help you recharge your batteries during the day if you haven't had your regular seven to nine hours of sleep at night. A few tips: don't drag out your nap too much, as ten-minute naps are the most effective. Aim for between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM, and finally, make sure that the members of your household respect your time out. Alone time in your room to sleep, read or listen to music can certainly be beneficial.


If you are longing for a break, dare to say no to invitations; cancel everything, and stay home. Take a break from obligations and cooking as you undoubtedly have leftovers in your fridge? What's the point of overdoing it?  Take time for yourself and your family so that you don't come back in January with the unpleasant feeling that the time just flew by.


If you're used to working out regularly, you're well aware of the feeling of well-being it gives you. Hello, endorphins and other feel-good hormones! So why deprive yourself of that over the holidays? You may have to cut back on your training due to time constraints, but take advantage of these precious moments to fill up on energy and that overall sense of well-being that only physical activity can bring.  Truly priceless. Are you truly short on time? If so, walk as much as you can, play with the kids and dance! It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you're doing something you enjoy.


Your whole family is present, so make the most of it. Ask the grandparents to look after the kids for the day and then slip away! Go to a spa, a movie or whatever, as long as you take some time to exhale. Keep in mind the objective of turning this time off into an actual holiday and not a race against time! If you don't have family around, then make the most of friends: swap children one day, and the next day it's your turn! The children will be delighted, and so will you!