Since the advent of the silver screen, Hollywood's greatest films have been about fashion. Grace Kelly, Romy Schneider and Audrey Hepburn marked their years with cult films renowned for their aesthetic appeal. It's impossible to dissociate these two art forms: cinema and fashion!

The same applies to eyewear. Movie stars have also made several frames famous thanks to their appearances in cult films.

Here are just a few examples:

Breakfast at Tiffany's

When it comes to movie sunglasses, we can't forget the pair of sunglasses that never left Audrey Hepburn's nose in this feature film and which have become legendary!

The actress is shown wearing her sunglasses, accompanied by a pretty black dress and a croissant, contemplating the Tiffany storefront in the film's opening scene. 

This fashion statement made sunglasses an iconic fashion accessory. The star's favourite pair of sunglasses were made by Oliver Goldsmith, who designed them to fit the curve of her face best.


Taxi Driver

It's hard to talk about cinema without mentioning Robert de Niro, who also made his glasses famous. 

The Palme d'Or-winning glasses were no stranger to the general public, as they were the official sunglasses of the US Army from 1958 onwards.



The film Legend follows the lives of twin brothers, played by the famous actor Tom Hardy. We can't forget the D'Amor vintage pair of glasses, the only accessory differentiating this film's twins. 

This pair of vintage glasses is the creation of Georges Lissac, who created this French brand in the 40s, imagining plastic frames to counter the shortage of raw materials in the post-war climate.

This model is now a benchmark for lovers of vintage frames.


Yves Saint Laurent

Pierre Niney takes on the role of the famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent in this biographical film. Indeed, Niney so aptly reincarnates the couturier and wears his signature accessory, the square black plastic frame.


Top Gun

Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been popular in the world of cinema. Tom Cruise, for example, wore the famous Aviator model in the 1986 film Top Gun, which immediately skyrocketed sunglasses sales after its release. 


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