In the past few months, two IRIS stores within our network have merged their operations to provide even better service to their patients! Both the Mail Champlain and Brossard stores decided to become one unique store at the end of the Mail Champlain lease. Since then, the two teams have been working together under one roof and we wanted to tell you a little more about this newly merged IRIS store because it is a pretty unique store within our network!

The team at IRIS Brossard really is like a small family! Of the total of 8 team members, there are 3 optometrists, one ophthalmologist, 3 opticians and one assistant optometrist. If you drop by the store, you can be assured that there will always be at least one optician present to help you choose your frames. Some of the team members joined the store a little more than 10 years ago now! And, even when the two stores were independent, they had already started collaborating together: the Mail Champlain’s patients whose condition required the attention and care of an ophthalmologist were redirected to IRIS Brossard. Dre Ménassa would treat the patients of the two stores even then.

What is also unique to this newly merged store, is that from the moment patients enter the store, they will be taken care of from A to Z, for their whole lives because the store provides the services of the 3 O’s: Optician, Optometrist and Ophthalmologist. Even within a network as large as IRIS, it is quite rare to find these three professionals under the same roof. For this reason, their patients have continued to trust them to take care of their eye health and the team feels lucky to have been able to have such amazing patients who come back year after year. Some have been patients at the clinic for over 10 years!


Among the many aspects that make IRIS Brossard unique, there is also the fact that they have the biggest selection of Maui Jim sunglasses of all the optical stores on the south shore of Montreal! This store probably has the largest Maui Jim selection of all the Quebec IRIS stores! Another interesting fact: if your condition requires that you undergo a cataracts surgery, our ophthalmologist Dre. Ménassa is specialized in this field! She's the one who does the surgery at the Clinique Dix-30. All pre-operative and post-operative follow-ups are done here at the IRIS Brossard boutique

One of the optometrists that works there is a recognized specialist in the field of visual rehabilitation in children. He specializes in the treatment of children who have vision problems, such as “lazy” eyes. This optometrist can help these children strengthen the muscles of their eyes. This doctor is also helping his little patients prevent the progression of myopia by using Myovision™ lenses.

The store also has its own laboratory on site, which is quite convenient! Opticians are able to trim the lenses directly in-store, which is not necessarily common within the IRIS network. This is especially beneficial for patients who wish to change their lenses according to a new prescription, but who want to keep the same frame. Normally, the frame would be sent to the Nikon laboratory and the patient would have to live without their glasses for a few days, but it’s a different process when they want to do so at IRIS Brossard. In less than an hour, the new lenses can be trimmed and given back to the patient so that they can continue to have good vision for the rest of the day. Patients that choose new frames also benefit from the fact that they have an in-house laboratory which makes the delivery of glasses a little quicker.

IRIS Brossard is fortunate to have a very loyal customer base from its earliest days. They have a large selection of designer frames in a wide range of prices so that patients can get glasses according to their budget. Of the many brands, we can find Gucci, Mark Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Nike, Steve Madden and Dutz.