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Get to know Lex Albrecht

My name is Lex Albrecht. I am a professional cyclist (for the past 7 years), a member of the Canadian National Team, a professional UCI Women’s World Tour Team and an IRIS Ambassador.  What brought me to this level is a pure love for riding bicycles and a little bit of tenacity.

I was born in Ontario, Canada. When I was 10 years old my parents moved the family to the “countryside”, where I discovered that a bicycle was my key to freedom and independence. A bicycle can bring you wherever you want, whenever you want want, with the power of your own two legs.  That’s a powerful feeling.

Early on, I pedalled on used hybrids and a clunky mountain bike, which had probably never experienced the touch of a loving mechanic for a tune-up of any sort.  I bought my first road bike when I was 17, after a full year of diligently saving money from two jobs.  What a contrast to my old rigs!  

Lex Albrecht Smiling

Frames: Oxibis_IP3C4

Group rides became my favourite way to meet new people, and to learn new cycling skills, technique and etiquette.  This came in handy when I moved to Trois-Rivières, Québec to study Medical Biology at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.  Bicycling can truly bring people together.  Although I didn’t speak much French, the local Tuesday night group riders welcomed me on their outings. I was able to slowly integrate into a community despite my rough communication skills.  I made friends, and had so much fun.

Racing became a weekend hobby during part of my university studies.  At first I got dropped from the group, and sometimes I made silly beginners’ mistakes.  But I have never minded messing up, because I found a lot of satisfaction in giving the races another go, and improving just a little each time.  After graduating and working in a prestigious laboratory for 2 years, a series of good race results and a stint with the Canadian National cycling team, brought the opportunity to sign a first professional contract with a US team.

Since, I have been 7x Champion of Québec, won events in Europe, all over USA and Canada, and been on the National Championships podium 3 times.  I made the short list for the Canadian Olympic team in 2016 and have raced professionally full-time in Europe. I am presently a member of a US-based team that races both overseas and in North America.  Though I don’t see my own bed much, my home base is Montréal, Québec. 

Training and performance make up a good part of my life, but I make sure to stay in touch with my roots – riding for the pure pleasure, satisfaction and connections that the bike can bring.


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