Giving people who wear glasses an accessory to make their lives easier is always a great gift idea! To protect and maintain their frames, enjoy the outdoors, or do an activity that requires precision, eyewear accessories quickly become valuable allies. Here are our 10 gift ideas for Christmas 2021 to help them see life in a new light!

#1 - An eyeglasses case to protect their eyewear in style

An eyeglasses case is a great way to take care of your glasses, and it can also stand out for its style! This is the great accessory that anyone who wears glasses needs, and a personalized case is a meaningful gift. There's no lack of options available, including a printed photo, a personalized engraving or even an affectionate dedication. Let your heart speak!

#2 - A practical, well-designed eyewear holder

Never lose sight of your glasses, even when you need to take them off, with this eyeglass holder. This holder is practical and well-designed and prevents scratches and accidental drops. In addition, it adds a touch of style to a room's décor, even when not in use. All you have to do is pick the shape and material that will go best with your recipient's coffee table!

#3 – An eyeglass chain to dress up a frame

With this chain, you can wear and remove your glasses at will! This is a great Christmas gift idea for women with its chic styling and practicality. You'll find a chain from the various materials and colours available to please anyone.

#4 - A neoprene eyewear strap for athletes

Neoprene is a material that doesn't slip when in contact with perspiration. This is why a neoprene eyeglass strap becomes an essential accessory when playing sports. This is a great gift idea for men for this Christmas 2021!

#5 - An illuminating magnifying glass makes a brilliant Christmas gift

A magnifying glass with built-in lighting is ideal for crafts that require being meticulous or for reading. An illuminating magnifying glasses improves both visual comfort and working comfort. This accessory is sure to be of great service for years to come!

It is also recommended to make regular appointments for an eye exam. This is the best way to ensure that your vision quality is optimal at all times of the day.

#6 - A telescope for travelling at a glance

A telescope is a great Christmas gift idea for a teenager. It can be used with or without corrective eyewear since it adjusts to the vision of the person using it. It's a great way to discover the world around us.

#7 - Binoculars: see without being seen

Hiking equipment is never truly complete without having binoculars. These binoculars are compact and come with a carrying pouch, so they can easily be tucked into a backpack.

#8 – An anti-fog face mask nose clip

Eyeglass wearers know all too well the unpleasant experience of having foggy lenses. An anti-fog face mask nose clip makes life easier to alleviate this problem.

#9 - Ultrasonic cleaner to clean your glasses

Use the best technology to take good care of your eyewear: an ultrasonic cleaner. This device works only with water, and no aggressive products are used. It produces ultrasonic waves to remove all the dust, dirt and stains. Eyeglasses regain their original shine without leaving any spots.

#10 – An eyewear cleaning kit

Designed to never run out of material, this cleaning kit enables you to pamper your prescription eyewear and sunglasses! The kit includes all the essential equipment to clean your glasses properly. You'll find microfibre wipes, a spray bottle that keeps dust from accumulating, and a small storage bag so you can take the kit everywhere with you!

We wish you a happy holiday season on behalf of the entire IRIS team!