Some people feel half-dressed without their eyewear; others don’t see glasses quite the same way and choose contact lenses.  The truth is, both are equally capable when it comes to helping you see well, but let’s have a look at why you might consider one or the other… or both. 


Esthetics. This is strictly a personal choice.  With thousands of colours, materials and designs, eyewear is a wonderful fashion accessory.  If that isn’t your thing, contact lenses deliver discreet vision correction.  The great news is that like glasses, contact lenses are available for almost every prescription and the technology behind both of these solutions promise you exceptional vision.


Performance. Sports and activities, like running or yoga, are better without glasses slipping off a sweaty nose. Lots of people with an active lifestyle opt for contact lenses because of this.  Another solution is prescription goggles which provide eye protection as well as vision correction.  They are secured with a strap, so you don’t need to worry about them falling off—an excellent solution for swimming, team sports and bike riding.


Unobstructed view. While wearing glasses, your field of vision may be obstructed by the frame, and since they sit on your nose about 12 mm away from your eyes, you could have some distortion. On the other hand, contact lenses conform to the curvature of your eye and provide a wide field of unobstructed vision.


Your wallet. Glasses may seem costly at the time of purchase, but they are still more cost-effective than contact lenses. Unless your prescription changes or they break, glasses can last for several years, and your lenses can be replaced if you want to keep your frame.


Coming in from the cold. Eyeglass wearers know that their lenses will fog in cold weather. If your activities often require you to go from outside to inside, you may want to consider contacts since they are typically unaffected by varying temperatures.


Simplicity. Do you prefer a quick and easy routine? Contacts require extra steps in the morning and evening, and depending on modality; you need to place them in contact lenses solution overnight to clean them thoroughly. Although the process isn’t long or complicated, perhaps simply taking off your glasses before bed is best for you.


Or both…  If you’re a dedicated contact lens wearer, it’s a good idea to have a pair of glasses as well to allow your eyes a break from contacts or for those times when your eyes may feel tired or scratchy.  This can be the case, especially for people who spend long periods in front of a screen or suffer from dry eyes.  On the other hand, if you have stopped wearing contacts or never tried them, your lifestyle may now benefit from revisiting the idea. 


Not sure what’s best for you?  Curious about trying different options? Eyecare professionals can teach you techniques if you want to try contacts, and with some practice, you can master applying them.  You can trial contact lenses or experience our 3D imaging to see if there is an eyewear style you can’t live without.  Our experienced IRIS staff love to help. Book your appointment today!