It’s been almost a full year since Vanessa first came into the great IRIS Family and we wanted to learn more about how she usually spends her Holidays. We had the chance to meet her whole family during our most recent photo shoot and we completely fell under their spell! What a pleasure it was to go to l’Appartement Damask & Dentelle to get some shots of the whole family, not to mention their new fur kid, Phoenix! 

Vanessa Sicotte wearing Kate Spade Klaudia sunglasses with her husband Jonathan Plourdes wearing Carrera 127 shades

What is your dearest Christmas memory?
My childhood family parties with the whole family when we went to the midnight mass and that someone would always get stuck in snow and could not exit the parking lot. There were always nice people there that were helping us push the car to get out. Once we got back home, we would eat and dance until I fell asleep in my aunties’ fur coats that were stacked on the bed.

Vanessa Sicotte wearing Tiffany TF2147 glasses with her daughter Maddie wearing Reactive RE5275 glasses

Do you and your family have a special Holiday tradition?
I am a fervent of traditions! When I became a mother, I wanted to create some traditions for my little family to make the Holiday season even more magical to them. Trend or not, we have 2 elves who have been coming to visit us for almost 10 years now. Their mess can be seen from December 1st to 24th. Also, we’ve decided not to open our gifts on the 24th in the evening to wait until Christmas morning in our pajamas and with hot chocolate to unwrap them.

What activities do you like to do in the Holiday season?
We are a family of skiers and snowboarders, and so for us the holidays are spent at the cottage. When we get a lot of snow, we go in epic sleds and adventures!

Teddy wearing Lacoste 3908 alongside Jonathan wearing Dior Black Tie 244and Maddie wearing Reactive RE5280 glasses

For you, the Holiday season means:
-It’s a moment to get some rest?
Yes and no, we have so much family to see that sometimes it gets a little tiring. At the same time, these are our best memories each year, so we try to make the most of them.

-It’s a great time to travel? 
We sometimes travel a few days between Christmas and New Year's Day, but not in sunny destinations. We like it snowy and cold for the Holidays. I know it sounds weird, but it's true, we're a small family of polar bears!

-It’s full of pleasant moments spent in family? 

Vanessa Sicotte's daughters Malla and Maddie wearing Reactive RE5275 glasses

What does the beginning of a New Year mean to you?
It brings resolutions that we do not keep but that we make anyway. It’s also all about the heath that we wish to the ones we love, because without it, all the rest is not possible.