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Contact lenses

How long can contact lenses be worn?

For many people, contact lenses are an integral part of their lives. They can sometimes be so comfortable that we forget to remove them in the evening! However, it is important to respect the maximum wearing period to maintain good eye health.

What factors influence the wearing time?
Amongst other factors, the recommended wearing time is determined by the type of contact lens you are wearing, the health of your eyes and your lifestyle. The environment in which you wear them also has an impact. Are you more inside or outside when you are wearing them? Is the ambient air dry? If you are often in front of a screen, your lenses also may dry out faster which will be reducing comfort. In addition, the new technologies used for the lens material allow better oxygenation of your eyes, so you will be able to wear them longer and they will be more comfortable. When you feel discomfort and you notice that your eyes get hot or red, it’s important to remove your lenses. Lis ten to your body and pay attention to the signs that your eyes are sending you!

Daily replacement lenses
1-Day lenses are the most frequently recommended type of contacts because they are really easy to use. At the end of the day, no need to clean them; just throw them away and use a new pair the next day. These lenses should not be worn while sleeping. Following an initial trial period, the optometrist will advise you regarding the wearing period, depending on the reaction of your eyes. For example, he might recommend that you remove them when you get home after work, and then wear your glasses in the evening: this will give a break to your eyes. In all cases, daily lenses should not be worn for more than 12 consecutive hours.

Monthly or bi-monthly lenses
Monthly and bi-monthly contacts need to be replaced by a new pair after the indicated period. Exceeding the deadline may result in an accumulation of protein deposits and may make the wearing uncomfortable. Most importantly, it might also increase the risk of eye infection! Did you know that lenses get dirty just by wearing them? Deposits of protein, fat and cells can decrease the amount of oxygen reaching the eye, hence the importance of not extending the wearing time. Regarding the maximum duration of the lenses wear during the day, it is recommended not to keep them for more than ten consecutive hours, or as recommended by your Optometrist. Someone that is used to wearing contacts can sometimes keep them up until 30 minutes before going to sleep. If your eyes are more sensitive, you will need to remove them straight when you return from work, or try to wear them intermittently.

Speciality lenses
Some people need custom-made lenses, either because their need for of highly corrective lenses, irregular astigmatism, or because of certain eye conditions. Sometimes an Optometrist also suggests this type of lens for treatment or for special reasons. These lenses are made of semi-rigid material and they are especially created to fit the measurements of each patient, They generally can be kept for a year or more, as prescribed by the Otometrist. They must be removed each evening and be maintained with the greatest care. Your optometrist will be able to recommend them to you if they fit your situation.

Would you be interested in wearing contact lenses? Your Optometrist will first determine if you are a good candidate. Then, after a few weeks of testing, he or she will be able to give you precise recommendations as to the maximum duration of wearing periods. Make an appointment now at the nearest IRIS store for a contact lens fitting!

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