How long do soft contact lenses last?

You can use daily disposable contact lenses for one day. If you put them on in the morning, take them out at night and throw them away. One-day contact lenses are made of a soft material, which reduces oxygen permeability after one day. The material then becomes porous.

Monthly contact lenses are intended to be worn for one month. It does not matter if the contacts are only worn for a few days during that month: once the package is opened, you can store the lenses for 30 days. Once opened, microbes and oxygen get into the soft lenses. After some time, this affects the contacts, which slowly begin to deteriorate. Therefore, you should throw them away after 30 days at the latest. 

You can wear annual soft contact lenses from six months to a full year. The material is suitable for months of wear, provided you care for the lenses properly. Never wear contacts longer than directed. 

How long do rigid contact lenses last?

Rigid contact lenses are the best option if you want to wear your contact lenses daily. In the long run, they are healthier because the material is less susceptible to germs and chemicals, so they last longer. You can wear rigid contact lenses for many years as long as they are cared for properly. When rigid contact lenses are properly cared for, you can replace them once they wear out or you need another strength. 

Expired contact lenses can cause many issues for your eyes. Complications can arise from wearing your contact lenses after the expiration date. Infections and ulcers are the most common complications. But in extreme cases, it can also lead to blindness. Also, be aware that it is not recommended that you sleep with your contacts.  

Whether you wear soft or rigid contact lenses, it is essential to have a complete eye exam regularly by your optometrist.

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