Statistically, there was a one in 365 (or 366!) chance that a world day would be dedicated to statistics. So, let's pay tribute to the statisticians who managed to place their day on October 20th!

The UN decreed the International Day of Statistics

This day has seriously, been decreed by the UN in 2010, and it is Ban Ki-moon, diplomat and South Korean politician and former secretary general of the United Nations who launched it with this statement:

"Today we celebrate World Statistics Day for the first time, which the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed to highlight the important role that statistics play in our societies."

Official statistics play an increasingly important role in our societies. Quality statistics are now abundant at national, regional and international levels. They are routinely used to inform public debate, policy formulation and business decision-making.

Here are some interesting statistics on eyes:

- 63% of the world's population has brown or hazel eyes! This makes it the most common eye colour in the world

- 8% of the population have blue eyes, and 2% have green eyes

- Another 5% have amber eyes

- In Canada, 7 out of 10 adults wear glasses!

- 90% of Canadians admit that the handicap they fear most is the loss of their sight

- 30% of Canadians are nearsighted

- 100% of adults over 45 have presbyopia!

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