Artificial Intelligence in optometry enables us to detect previously undetectable diseases during eye examinations. Its system analyzes your eyes and provides the optometrist with additional data for a more in-depth diagnosis.

Artificial Intelligence also presents numerous opportunities for improving eye care, enabling early detection, more accurate diagnosis, personalized care, task automation and more advanced research. It can contribute to better eye health management and improved quality of life for patients.

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to detect certain serious diseases through your eyes. The fundus images provided by A.I. can be used to detect diseases such as: 

- Diabetic retinopathy

- Hypertensive retinopathy

- Macular degeneration

- Glaucoma

In addition to detecting them, this technology can confirm their stage and rate of progression.

Yearly eye screening with this retinal camera can detect conditions and diseases 10 years before the first symptoms appear. With Artificial Intelligence, your eye doctor can confirm the stage and speed of progression of the disease. 

AI-assisted retinal camera screening is available in selected IRIS stores at the moment. Ask your IRIS optometrist if this technology is available in your IRIS store.

This examination is painless and takes only 5 minutes. 

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