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IRIS is the Best Canadian Employer in the Field of Optics!

On January 29th, Forbes Magazine revealed the top 300 Canadian employers as per a recent survey conducted by Statista. IRIS ranked 38th overall and 1st in the optical industry.

IRIS tops the list of best employers in the optical industry on the heel of its nominations in both Les Affaires magazine as the company offering the best customer service and
Protégez-vous which awarded the IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic in Laval a perfect three stars out of three.

The following are several reasons why our company is the only one to appear in this group:
A company with a purpose
Since its foundation in 1990, the goal of IRIS is to improve the eyesight of Canadians and to offer consumers the highest quality of products and services in the industry. This mission is what guides the daily actions and thoughts of each and every member of the IRIS team: associates, opticians, managers, optometrists and ophthalmologists.

People first and foremost
What distinguishes IRIS is its human-based approach towards its team members, clients, suppliers and the community. By espousing values such as passion, honesty and respect, IRIS has succeeded in differentiating itself by offering a work environment where self- realization and self-surpassment are accessible to all—where listening and self-expression are encouraged.

The Strength of its Network
IRIS defines itself by the strength of its network, the vision of its professionals, the quality of its products and services and the passion of its team. These are the defining elements through which IRIS provides Canadians the experience of better vision every day.

The advantages of working for the IRIS network:
-A distinct business model, centered around people and client satisfaction;
-About 150 locations across Canada offering many possibilities for employment;
-IRIS offers its consumers the most comprehensive warranty in the eyewear industry;
-A complete information system allowing the integration of all the operational elements of a visual clinic;
-Online services to give our patients the option to book an appointment online or to ask medical questions directly to optometrists;
-The IRIS Profile: The ideal solution for taking into account the lifestyle of the consumer to meet their eye health needs;
-A transparent corporate structure with regards to its partners.

For the above reasons and many others such as the caliber of IRIS teams, encouraging self- expression, the constant inspiration to surpass personal goals, we can be proud to work for the best employer in the Canadian optical industry!

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