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IRIS is Top 10 in Customer Experience According to Les Affaires

Last November, the newspaper Les Affaires revealed its annual top 100 companies operating in Quebec, that stand out for their excellence in the experience they provide their customers.

We would like to congratulate all the IRIS associates across Quebec for their constant efforts to make IRIS the #1 reference in the world of optics in Canada. Thanks to your passion and your commitment, IRIS ranks in the top 10 for customer experience this year and first place in the field of optics!


TOP 10

1. Penningtons
2. Nespresso
3. Bath & Body Works
4. Yves Rocher
5. SAQ
7. Fruits & Passion
8. Mondou
9. Canac
10. Iris


The Wow Customer Experience Index is calculated based on the results of a survey answered by 20,000 internet users aged 15 and over. Each retailer was evaluated by 400 recent customers who were interviewed about the 16 elements that make up the store consumer experience.


In an ever-changing marketplace where e-commerce is becoming increasingly important, we are working hard to continue to deliver premium experience for our patients. Our mission will always be to offer the best possible vision in all the moments of their lives and to create awareness on the importance of choosing lenses that are adapted to their vision, but also to their lifestyle.


One of our prides is to be able to offer the best possible experience to our patients. That's why we created the IRIS Profile. We’ve created this app that allows IRIS professionals and team members to complete the 5 elements of your IRIS Profile: your prescription, your medical history, your activities, your personality and your budget. These 5 elements allow the members of our team to give you the best advice to better meet your visual needs according to your lifestyle, while respecting your tastes and your budget.


Once again, we would like to congratulate the opticians, optometrists and all the associates who make IRIS the leader in optics in Quebec. We would also like to thank our patients for trusting us to ensure the health of their eyes and those of their family.

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