Since the beginning of IRIS in Mont-Laurier, Optometrist Dr. Pierre-Marc Deslongchamps has been a pillar for his community. Having begun his career in 1993, just after completing his doctorate in optometry at the Université de Montréal, he has embodied the authenticity and commitment of IRIS since its inception. 

His motivation to participate in the "IRIS, It's Me" campaign is deeply rooted in his history with the company. Having helped develop and grow the brand, he naturally feels a strong bond with IRIS. For him, saying "IRIS, It's me" is an affirmation not only of his professional involvement but also of his personal attachment.

Pierre-Marc's greatest passion in his work is contact with patients. He recognizes the trust that patients place in him by entrusting him with their most precious sense. He aims to live up to this trust by offering his very best in every interaction.

Asked how he identifies with the "IRIS, It's Me" campaign, he emphasizes his role in the brand's development and growth. IRIS's personal and professional values, such as passion, honesty and respect, resonate deeply with him, reflecting a harmonious professional and personal identity.

One word to describe IRIS? "Authentic. This authenticity is perceptible in how IRIS commits itself to its patients, its employees and the quality of its products and services. For Dr. Pierre-Marc Deslongchamps, authenticity is a fundamental characteristic of IRIS. 

The advice he gives his patients goes beyond eye care. He encourages them to care for themselves, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and stay in shape. For him, eye care is not limited to vision but encompasses general well-being. 

As for his eyewear style, Pierre-Marc opts for Maui Jim sunglasses. His choice is motivated not only by aesthetics but also by the exceptional quality of the lenses.  

Dr. Deslongchamps has shared his impressive 30-year career with IRIS. His passion for the human touch, his commitment to the company's growth, and his advice in favour of patients' overall well-being illustrate the very essence of the "IRIS, It's Me" campaign. It is a story of dedication, authenticity and excellence that continues to leave its mark on the IRIS community.