In August, Jessica Farrar, an associate at the IRIS store in Barrie, Ontario, will celebrate two years with IRIS.

Jessica sees the "IRIS, it's me" campaign as a unique opportunity to show the faces behind the brand. She believes that IRIS team members play a crucial role in creating the IRIS experience by being the daily link with patients.

Encouraged by her work colleagues, Jessica enthusiastically agreed to participate in this extraordinary initiative, the "IRIS, it's me" campaign!

What makes Jessica so fulfilled and enthusiastic about her work is the constant learning and the opportunity to meet new people daily and educate patients about lenses and frames.

Jessica identifies with IRIS because of the team spirit and family atmosphere. As a single mother, she appreciates the flexibility and understanding she receives when family priorities take precedence. The fact that she can harmoniously reconcile work and family life is a testament to the supportive culture that prevails at IRIS.

It goes without saying that for Jessica, IRIS means family. It's a word that sums up the sense of unity, care and understanding that prevails in the workplace. The supportive environment allows her to focus on what matters most personally and professionally. 

Pride in working for IRIS stems from a commitment to offering high-quality products and services in vision care. Jessica also appreciates the opportunities presented to staff to evolve and explore new horizons within the company.

Regarding eyewear style, Jessica prefers slightly larger frames, which add a bold touch to balance her face. Wearing glasses full-time, she takes pride in showing them off. Currently, she wears a dark, bold Ann Taylor frame that perfectly complements her style. 

In summary, Jessica's two years at IRIS have been marked by growth, learning and a sense of belonging to a family that cares for its employees and patients.