For nearly 22 years, Linda Villiard, Optician-Manager & Owner, has brightened the daily life of IRIS with her dedication.

With such a rich career at IRIS, Linda decided to seize the opportunity to participate in the "IRIS, it's me" campaign. Convinced that it would be an enriching experience, she was not mistaken. The photo and video sessions were extraordinary, a memory she will cherish forever.

What still fascinates Linda after all these years is meeting people. Those moments when she can guide her customers in choosing the perfect pair of glasses that reflects their style and personality. This relationship of trust and collaboration motivates her daily to give her best.

For Linda, IRIS is who she is because IRIS is in her heart. She shares the company's core values, creating a deep and meaningful bond.

Her pride lies in working for a brand committed to offering high-quality products and services. This constant quest for excellence and innovation motivates her to remain committed and passionate about her work.

Naturally, her love of eyewear is reflected in her choice of frames with character and style. Her favourites include prestigious brands such as Chloé, Gucci and Saint-Laurent, which capture her attention with their elegance and sophistication. 

Linda Villiard embodies the passion, dedication and style that characterizes IRIS. With nearly 22 years of experience, she continues to inspire and radiate within the IRIS family, testifying to the company's unwavering commitment to its values and customers.